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    Working very hard to help SMALL BUSINESSES all over the world
    Our dream is to be alive and see them connected
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    We put a lot of time and effort researching
    how your industry works...
    So your business grows easier
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    Technology and commerce
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    We learned that technology was made to improve the world
    Help us to apply it…
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    People have not seen everything the world has to offer
    We believe that by establishing a direct connection between customers, shops and suppliers world wide, we will all have better opportunities.

We believe in equal oportunities.

How could a fish grow in the ocean if the whales eat all the food, and even the fish itself?

We are Nouvelle technologies

We are a nine year old company committed to provide tools and solutions for a digital generation that uses mobile devices to stay connected, make purchases, and manage their daily lives.

Nouvelle Tech believes that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the heartbeat of the global economy, but have spent years being underserved by existing e-commerce platforms.

Our goal is to spread world wide the philosophy that encouraged our company to be created...



Different types of industries require that a connection
link is established between them and make the acquisition of their supplies without any intermediary.

We have spent a lot of time and resources developing the solution so trade becomes a right and not a benefit.

Small businesses were created by entrepreneurs who deserve to have all the tools to trade their products.


Commerce is for everyone...

Good news for all

Our e-commerce platform allows merchants of various industries to expose and market their products electronically in a very simple way.

This platform, besides being an excellent sales tool for any store, it constitutes a great benefit for its customers, who at the same time, become our end users. Our goal is to provide them the commercial information of the products and services of their region.


We designed a program in which entrepreneurs all over the world can give us a hand in spreading the vision of helping SMEs to grow. We already have entered to some markets and the future perspectives are absolutely great.

Let´s talk about it

We think
a little differently

We believe that in real life, the world´s unity begins in the integration of
the commerce of the countries.

The technological revolution started and we have to make mandatory
for it to help to unify our towns instead of separating them.


Connect businesses without intermediaries.


Anything you need, we want to know it.

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